Clairy Floofs Art
Clairy Floofs Art

A Professional Artist looking to expand into the Art form of Tattooing and as such I'm looking for a tattoo apprenticeship in the West Midlands UK.

My work has changed and metamorphosed over the years and most recently my work has been looking at the body and disability, physical and mental health.

I have most recently been creating works through painting, digital media and photography. My interest in tattooing since a child has made a resurgence as I have started to create my own ideas and explore that field. I love the potential for creating artwork in a new way.

I have always interested in expression through painting and experimentation with colour and pigment, inspired by science, the body and technology, and can see that interest taking itself to the next level with my interest in tattooing.

I practice as a freelance artist, gallery curator, workshop facilitator and community artist. I also offer services as d a fully qualified secondary school teacher in Design Technology and Art offering bespoke school workshops and supply cover.

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