Clairy Floofs Art
Long due :)
The website and I have had a change of name and a rebrand ready for a new chapter of my working life producing Art work that I love. Lots of work is now for sale on the website and more will be uploaded over the coming months.

Looking back is sometimes a good think for artists and here is an important installation that I worked on:
August 2011
Long time no update. I have recently been working with The New Art Gallery Walsall on family workshops. Having gained my PGCE in secondary education last month. I'm looking to further my work in respect of community and family workshops.

See my CV for details of previous workshops and community work.

Contact me at for enquiries.
Exhibition - Contemporay Allegories from 1st April 2009
A diverse exhibition curated by Glyn Owen at the Chasetown Mining College, including my paintings and work by Ian Curno and other artists

Lichfield Blog
Blog 1st February 2009
Happy New Year! Better late than never. I've moved my practice back out of London and I believe my works all the better for it, so thats why theres not been many updates recenty. However I have started a new blog from which you can follow my musings on my practice at Blog Spot where you can also comment and discuss with me.
29th October 2008
A few updates on the website from work that was long due being put up. Still have some photography work to go up some of which was included in the Open Exhibition at Cannock Chase, so keep your eyes peeled.
27th September 2008
Well I've made the move and I'm now London based, so watch out London.
18th July
Loads of work now up for sale in the portfolio section.
30th May 2008
So I will taking part in the end of year show at stafford College starting on the evening of Thursday the 19th of June with the private view, the show lasts a week so if you would like to come and see it please do, and get in contact with me if you need details or directions.

May 2008

The websites had a bit of a Spring Clean, and tidy up. And a large selction of recent works have gone up, which can be seen in the portfolio section of the site. Lots of happenings for me, with regards to looking at places to continue studying at, and trying to raise money to go study in London. Fingers crossed.

Any donations are most welcome. wink wink
3rd February 2008
Hello everyone, long time no news!
Also Happy new year as I managed to miss that bit too!
Well I have been extremely busy recently, I've been to Australia for my brothers wedding, which partly explains a lack of news or updating. I've also been trying to get as much work done as possible to make up for being away. So theres a lot to be updated on.
Firstly I've updated my portfolio with the last big piece I did last year - "Pushing the Boundaries", and more updates and some drawings and painting works are on the way!

Keep your eyes peeled.

3rd December 2007
So I have had some lovely news that Art from the Spokes, the artist group that I'm a active member with have won a prestigous environmental award !

A Golden Green Apple! its great news and its wonderful to see all the hard work we put into Art from the Spokes over the last year , and the exhibition at Shugnorough Hall getting some recognition.

There are more details at:

Stafford Borough Council
30th October 2007
So the website has had a little overhaul with more photos being added and sorted in my gallerys, currently trying to process some more works to add to the site.
28th Septemeber, 2007 - End of exhibition
The Back to bikes exhibition at Shugborough Hall came down today, and it was a success over the months that they were up, Now time to plan what happens to these sculptures, and make the repairs, or see if a whole new train of thought will appear for the recycling art group that I'm part of.
Slowly but surely
Slowly but surely new images are being added to the galleries, both recent works and also older works, and coming in the next few weeks more works for sale.
Shugborough Hall Exhibition
Art from the Spokes - Sculpture Exhibition at Shugborough Hall - 20th July - 3rd September.

Presented in partnership with Stafford Borough Council's Local Agenda 21 Team, Back to Bikes and Culturegen, this exhibition features insect sculptures made by Art from the Spokes and Stafford College students from recycled bicycle parts, set in a trail across the beauitful gardens of historic Shugborough Hall.
The exhibition aims to confront sustainable development issues such as waste, recycling, biodiversity, transport and the effects on our environment.

For more information see: Stafford Borough Council LA 21 and Shugborough

Photos can be seen at Innovative Sculpture