Clairy Floofs Art
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Clairy Floofs Art

A Professional Artist and Tattoo Artist in training. I live in the West Midlands UK, but work as a tattooist in Coalville, Leicester

My most recent works are tattoo based design work and commissions.
Please see my Instagram page @clairyfloofstattoo for tattoo designs, availability and the best way to contact me in respect of having a tattoo

My fine art work has changed and metamorphosed over the years recently my work has been looking at the body and disability, physical and mental health.

I have always interested in expression through painting and experimentation with colour and pigment, inspired by science, the body and technology, and can see that interest taking itself to the next level with my love for tattoos and tattooing .

I practice as a tattoo Artist, tattoo designer, freelance artist, gallery curator, workshop facilitator and community artist. I also offer services as a fully qualified secondary school teacher in Design Technology and Art offering bespoke school workshops and supply cover.

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